Article Marketing & Press Releases

So you have a website.  Another marketing aspect your business should begin to consider is how to increase media exposure.  Article marketing and press releases are an essential and cost-effective way to make this happen.  One of Romeo Production's Los Angeles website design and internet marketing services is the facilitation of article marketing and press releases for your business.

Some businesses may think a simple advertisement is completely superior to the utilization of article marketing and press releases. They are wrong simply because advertising is much more expensive.  Article marketing and press releases generate large amounts of search optimized content and link back to your site, increasing the search rankings and visibility of your business.

Article marketing refers to the process in which businesses generate free information written on their areas of expertise, and include with it links back to the business and its services.  For example, a pet shop might write an article describing the top 10 loyal dog breeds; information that is interesting to many people.  In return for generating this content, the article is published alongside the contact information of the pet shop as a form of free advertising.  

Press releases are another form of content generated by businesses simply to provide information about the business to the public; grand openings, new branches, sales, and more.  Romeo Production’s partnerships with 15 news sites enable us to disseminate these press releases across the internet and generate buzz about your business.

Whether your story is general or specific, Romeo Production and our public relations experts will assist you in finding the right place on the net to distribute it.  Our PR team will use their knowledge and connections to get your story the attention it deserves, no matter your size.

As your media exposure broadens, more potential clients will want to check out that new website you worked so hard with us to perfect.