Website Performance Analytics

An important part of operating any website and internet marketing campaign is tracking your results. Only careful analysis of this data can ensures the maximum the return on your investment, and Romeo Production’s experience in the field of Los Angeles web design has made us experts at tracking and analyzing website performance.

Performance tracking on your site helps us to fine tune search optimization efforts, works hand in hand with pay per click campaigns, and lets us understand your visitors and how they interact with your website.

Of primary concern is the number of visitors to your website, organized by the hour, day, week and month. This number tells us how successfully your website has been marketed, what times are busiest for your site, and what sort of visitor trends your website is going through.

It is also important to find out on which pages visitors usually enter your website. This lets us know what sort of introduction-type material on your business we should put on your site and where, setting up “landing pages” for potential customers.

Another statistic useful to track search engine data – which search engines you are getting the most traffic from, and what keywords people are searching when they find you. This information can help us to further search optimize your site to dominate certain keywords or consider placement of PPC advertisements.

Other useful information includes data on visitor country of origin, operating systems, web browsers, languages, IP addresses and repeat visitors. All of these factors are important when it comes to building a site which is targeted to a specific audience.

This detailed analysis and website optimization comes standard with any SEO package from Romeo Production.