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E-commerce retail sales hit $453.5 billion in 2017, as brands invest in omnichannel

Online shopping and E-commerce websites are enjoying immense popularity worldwide. People have fallen in love with the convenience and competitive pricing available through website stores.

Online sales are at an all-time high, recently hitting the $450 billion annual mark and growing. With this kind of money to be made, can you afford not to have a E-commerce website for your company? Romeo Production has extensive experience creating quality, successful E-commerce websites for businesses. Our Los Angeles web design services include online stores that utilize the latest shopping technology.

The benefits of having an online store for your business are numerous. An online store is always open, 24/7, and is available to anyone worldwide, increasing your customer base and market area dramatically.

store web design

These E-commerce websites provide tremendous search engine optimization power, boosting your website’s search rankings and providing your business with complimentary advertising. They also enhance your customer relationships, encouraging loyalty by making purchases as easy as possible, all the while providing your business with valuable shopping trend data and statistics.